Walk to Dreamland

Join us this year to trek the distance to Dreamland Education Centre in Kimilili Kenya!  Give or take a few miles its approximately 6000 miles.  Together we can do it!


Miles walked so far

Of course we are not suggesting that you actually walk all the way to Kimilili, however by taking part in a walking challenge you can help make a real, life changing difference for children living in poverty. 

Register Your Miles

Your sponsored miles will help raise funds for development projects at Dreamland Education Centre.  The school is in need of new books for the library, outdoor toys and sports equipment, computers, a rainwater catchment and storage system and a battery storage system for the solar panels.

 You can walk by yourself, with a small group or even organise a sponsored walk for your friends, family, work colleagues, church or community group.  However you do it we would love you to register your miles on this page of our website and set up a group or individual sponsorship page on Justgiving

Your 10 step plan to organising a Dreamland Walk!

Choose Your Distance

Consider who will be taking part in your Dreamland Walk and choose a challenging but achievable distance.  26 miles, 10 miles, 5 miles or even a combination with a shorter route for families.

Map Your Route

Your chosen route may be one you already know or a well-known route for which maps and guides are readily available.  Alternatively create your own, there are various online maps you can use.

Set the Date

Choose a date and time to suit you and your group, check for other local events to avoid over use of your chosen route (for example another charity walk or run).  You also want to maximise the number of participants walking with you so try to avoid dates which clash with their plans.

Invite Participants

The more the merrier however make sure the route is suitable for the size of your group.

Tell Us Your Plans

Please get in touch to let us know your plans, we can provide advice and fundraising support and list your walk on our Dreamland Walks webpage.

Set Up Your Just Giving Page

You can either set up a group page or participants can set up their own individual page.  You can then share the link and ask everyone you know if they will sponsor you/your group.

Get Training

If you or members of your group don’t walk regularly try and get out on some training walks to avoid injury or fatigue on challenge day.  Little and often is the best plan you don’t actually need to complete the full length of your Dreamland Walk until the day.


Event Planning

Consider what equipment you may need for yourself, make sure you have suitable footwear and walking gear so you are safe whatever the weather.  Also take into consideration the safety of your group members, it’s a good idea to have a fully stocked first aid kit and a first aider on hand if you possibly can.  On the day of your Dreamland Walk make sure you have a list of mobile phone numbers for everyone taking part and they all have your mobile number in case of emergencies or if they get lost.  Ensure that you have maps and instructions available and give them to everyone either a printed out copy or via an online route map.

Food and Water

Ensure everyone knows to bring supplies of food and drink to get them through the walk. They may need to take a picnic lunch or just a plentiful supply of snacks and of course lots of water.  For longer walks you may wish to identify a stopping place along the route where you can eat, drink, rest and replenish your supplies, particularly water.  If you are organising a large group walk you may want to warn any cafes, takeaways or pubs so they are prepared in advance.

Complete Your Dreamland Walk

Enjoy your challenge and please send us photos and let us know how it went.  Don’t forget to REGISTER YOUR MILES.