Trees for Life Kenya

Trees Planted, so far

Trees are especially efficient at sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Planting trees is our response to climate change, but we also believe that trees offer so much to a community. This is why we are using IcFEM Kenya’s network of local units to plant trees across Western Kenya. 

We do not own land and so we are inviting smallholders to plant trees on their land, some may only plant a couple, this is absolutely fine. We believe that every tree has an impact.


Our Model is Quite Simple


We invite small holders from across our local units to be a part of this project. This project is open to anyone who lives in the area around an IcFEM local transformation unit.

Smallholders receive all the training necessary to ensure that they are able to take care of their trees at all stages of their lifecycle.

Tree saplings are delivered to the smallholder and a short planting demonstration is done.

Each tree that is planted is recorded on our, specially built, mobile application. This gives us real time data on how many trees have been planted, and where they are.


Smallholders continue to receive support and advice on how to keep their trees healthy.

All produce from the trees belongs to the smallholders and they are free to use it as they wish.

Smallholders will work with IcFEM to assess the best use and maintenance of these trees.

Watch our forest grow!


Plant a Tree


Trees are £1.50 to plant and you will be sent an email with information about which species have been planted and where they have been planted.

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