Dorcas was brought to the hospital when she was 8 years old. Dorcas’s Grandmother had travelled 3 hours to reach us. Dorcas has to live with Grandma because one parent died and the other is very unwell. Dorcas could not walk, was in major pain and had not gone to school in years. Her family were extremely poor; she often went a whole day without eat a full meal.

Dorcas was treated at DMH, she had large Benin spinal tumour. Doctor in Nairobi managed to operate and she extensive rehab at DMH. Dorcas is part of the school sponsorship programme, she is now well fed, well educated and really wants to be a nurse or Doctor. Dorcas would like to a get a job so that she can help the rest of her family.

Her Grandma is very pleased that her little girl will get a great education. She would like to say thank you to everyone who has made this possible.