DMH has a community scheme called DMH Health Clubs, which aims to help improve community ownership over health, relieve human suffering and increase linkage to care at DMH, including our eye service. Over 50 patients have been seen by the eye clinic through this scheme, and one such patient was Emmaculate.

Over 60 years old, Emmaculate’s quality of life was very poor. She walks by the aid of a walking stick, could barely see where she was going and suffered from severe headaches, fatigue and chest pains. This made her very stressed and anxious. Her local CHV would try to help, but Emmaculate could not afford the fare to the Hospital and was not confident in getting there.

But through the DMH Health Club in her area, Emmaculate found the answer to her problems. She could now access a local monthly clinic, and for just 200ksh (£1.50) she could benefit from full National Health Insurance (normally £3.50) at Dreamland Hospital as part of the scheme. In the clinic she was found to have high blood pressure at 200/120, on the verge of a life threatening stroke. She was also screened for her eye problem. Now 5 months later, she’s gone through free surgery at the eye clinic, and has reduced her pressure to 138/86.

She feels great, leaping for joy when the doctor told her that her blood pressure is now normal. She’s followed instructions well and turned up to every clinic in her community. She’s also been able to benefit from Bible resources and teaching at the Health Club, and has been pulled into a community that cares for each other. She, with Bilha (pictured), have started a Woman’s Walking Club as part of the Health Club, to help get woman exercising whilst of course having a good chat as they walk through their neighbourhood.

“Thank you so much for everything. God bless you. I must be special, because every time you see me you take a photo! Haha”.