Anthony Wafula was born in the year 2002 and lives in the area of Maeni. His parents remember him being energetic as a young child, but when he was young they found he was sick and his legs were very weak – soon they identified him as having a disability.

Attending school and moving around was difficult because Anthony could not walk, so his parents used to carry him to school. As he grew bigger this became very challenging and frustrating. The parents came from a very humble background and could not afford to buy a wheel chair for Anthony. The situation grew worse, and this became a big challenge to the family.

The IcFEM Mission team that focuses on helping those with disabilities – the Bethesda Pool team – rescued the family from their agony by providing a wheelchair to Anthony. In addition, IcFEM Mission enrolled the boy in a special school at Nalondo CBM, with the school fees funded by Cheshire Disability Services, Kenya. As a result Anthony’s parents are now relieved from the burden of paying school fees, he is able to move around more easily, and it has transformed their lives. They are very happy and grateful to God.

His time at Nalondo CBM School has positively transformed Anthony’s life. His teachers have been able to interact with him well, and this has made him improve academically. In an Interview at his home, Anthony said that he is grateful to God for saving him and also thanked the Mission very much for enrolling him to a good school where he feels appreciated and also the Cheshire Disability Services Kenya for his school fees. He promised to do his best in school, as he looks forward to becoming a lecturer in the future.

With his exemplary performance, Anthony has gone ahead to help other weak students with their studies to help them improve. He is also involved in extra-curricular activities – he is a member of the choir which has twice reached the national competitions to perform. Anthony’s relationship with other students is outstanding, and may see him as a role model. What a transformation!