Shoes for a Family with Jiggers


This Gift for Life goes towards helping sufferers of Jiggers. Jiggers is a painful infestation of sand fleas in the foot. They can be prevented by converting mud floors into cement floors and wearing shoes. IcFEM seeks to identify needs in the community, be they social, economic, spiritual or emotional. Once these needs are identified we look to mobilise the community to meet these needs.


This Gift for Life helps support the team in Kenya to meet community needs as they arise. IcFEM Kenya looks to identify needs of the local communities, through the use of Local Transformation Units. Once these needs are identified the Local Transformation Units mobilise to bring relief into these situations. This might be through counselling, one to one mentorship, the provision of a food parcel or referral to the hospital.

This gift supports the IcFEM community work.

IcFEM Mission is a Christian Charity, registered in the UK largely to provide support to IcFEM Kenya.  IcFEM Kenya is a locally run organisation based at Kimilili in Western Kenya.  IcFEM Kenya run a variety of community projects, Dreamland Mission Hospital and Dreamland Education Centre which are highly valued by the community in Kimilili. 

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