Annual Health Insurance for a Whole Family


This Gift for Life is enough to sign up a whole family to a year’s worth of health insurance. Dreamland Mission Hospital now sees over 50,000 patients per year and gifts like these ensure that it will continue being a blessing to the local community.


This Gift for Life helps support Dreamland Mission Hospital, ensuring that local people are able to access the hospital's life changing facilities at affordable rates. The hospital now sees over 50,000 patients per year, your gift supports the hospital in this. From being set up as a small care centre in 1999 to receiving Mission Hospital status in 2012 the Dreamland Mission Hospital has gone from strength to strength, now seeing over 50,000 patients per year. DMH has gone from strength to strength, employing over 100 local staff, and providing specialist eye, orthopaedic and maxillofacial surgery. DMH provides good quality care at affordable prices for the rural community in the Mount Elgon and Bungoma county of Western Kenya. DMH is a growing Mission Hospital, entirely not for profit. It requires on-going support in order to keep growing and allow local people to receive quality health care at a price they can afford.

This gift supports Dreamland Mission Hospital.

IcFEM Mission is a Christian Charity, registered in the UK largely to provide support to IcFEM Kenya.  IcFEM Kenya is a locally run organisation based at Kimilili in Western Kenya.  IcFEM Kenya run a variety of community projects, Dreamland Mission Hospital and Dreamland Education Centre which are highly valued by the community in Kimilili. 

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