Iten, standing at almost 8,000 feet above sea level with a population of just over 40,000 has been the home and training place of many international runners. St. Patrick’s High School is located in Iten and over the last 40 years has produced world class running talents in their scores, include Ibrahim Hussein, winner of three Boston Marathons and one New York City Marathon; Peter Rono, a 1988 Olympic gold medalist at 1,500 meters; and David Rudisha, 2012 Olympic gold medalist and world record holder at 800m.

Clement Kiprop, one of the surgeons at Dreamland Mission Hospital, was born in the running region of Kenya, near Iten. Sadly, his father died when Kiprop was only young, grieving and coming to terms with their loss the family also had to consider how they would provide for themselves as they moved forward. Thankfully, a missionary family came into contact with this young family and agreed to sponsor Kiprop through school.

The chance of an education, under the circumstances, was a huge boost to Kiprop and this coupled with the love shown to him by this missionary family sparked in him a desire to support those who needed it most. After finishing school, he qualified as a clinical officer and for 15 years worked diligently at Dreamland Mission Hospital.

Following this he was sponsored through an eye surgery programme in Nairobi where he won best in his year as well as having his dissertation presented at an international level. He now works full time at Dreamland Mission Hospital seeing 30 – 40 eye patients per day and conducting 40-50 eye operations per month. Kiprop (right) is such an asset to the hospital and we are so lucky to have such a hard-working and skilled surgeon on our team. Kiprop is married to Esther, who is an HIV councillor at the hospital, they have three children.

Life in Kenya can be so hard, the pressures of every-day life are compounded by the effects of poverty. Education is a step up and out of this poverty cycle. It gives young people the opportunity to believe, to hope for a future that is better than their current circumstances. It gives them the opportunity to provide for their families, to change their current outlook. For so many children in Kenya, going to school is out of reach. With your help, we are changing this, one child at a time. Our child sponsorship initiative looks to send children to school with everything they need to thrive. For just £28 per month a child receives a uniform (which will get replaced as they grow), all the stationery and resources they need, daily meals as well as the opportunity to board in our new dormitory building. The children will attend Dreamland Education Centre which is one of the best schools in the area.

School has just only recently started for students at Dreamland Education Centre, and they are loving it. After what has been a turbulent couple of years the students are thoroughly enjoying being back in school, catching up with old friends and building new friendships. Without the support of our generous supporters this would not be possible for so many.

For so many, going to school is just a dream. You can make this dream come true and change a life. You can find out more about our child sponsorship program by following the link below.

Thank you so much for your support.