Dreamland Mission Hospital

From being set up as a small care centre in 1999 to recieving Mission Hospital status in 2012 the Dreamland Mission Hospital has gone from strength to strength, now seeing over 50,000 patients per year.


Kenyan Staff


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Eye patients assessed each month

IcFEM Dreamland Mission Hospital (DMH), originally called IcFEM Dreamland Medical Care Centre, was set up in 1999, with the ground floor of the Phase 1 new building being opened in 2003, and Mission Hospital status obtained in February 2012. Since then, DMH has gone from strength to strength, employing over 100 local staff, seeing 40,000 patients a year and providing specialist eye, orthopaedic and maxillofacial surgery. DMH provides good quality care at affordable prices for the rural community in the Mount Elgon and Bungoma county of Western Kenya.

IcFEM DMH aims to work with the government hospitals in order to develop and provide gap filling services for the health care needs of this rural community. It is registered and licensed and is part of IcFEM Mission (Inter Christian Fellowships’ Evangelical Mission) a registered government organisation. There is an IcFEM Hospital Board and DMH management team who oversee the running of the hospital.

IcFEM DMH runs a comprehensive outpatient service, including a 24/7 assessment by clinical officers, basic laboratory testing, pharmacy, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, child welfare clinics, family planning, ante-natal and post-natal care. DMH is staffed by over 100 Kenyan clinical and support staff as well as a UK volunteers. The IcFEM motto of “Holy Living and Hard work” runs through the core working principles of the staff at DMH. They aim to give time, energy, skill and dedication to each patient and treat them as individuals with quality care.

A specialised eye theatre was also finished and equipped at the end of 2011. The eye team now assess over 400 eye patients a month providing medication for eye diseases and reading glasses where required. Thanks to a grant, eye surgery is provided at a significantly subsidised cost, allowing this poor community to access it. Since opening the new eye theatre in Dec 2011, the eye team has done 30-40 cataract operations a month, restoring sight to the blind. The hospital now has its own full-time cataract surgeon and is running an eye service 5 days a week.

The treatment of disabled children has also been a large focus of the hospital. Thanks to another donor IcFEM DMH also provides the free Ponseti plastering technique to babies and children with clubfoot, seeing 100 children a year and giving them back the ability to walk and lead a normal life. Children that are too old for the Ponseti technique can have corrective orthopaedic surgery all free of charge. This is life changing and would normally cost £1000’s which local people could never afford.

DMH partners with Smile Train in order to provide free cleft and palate surgery. A team comes twice a year carrying out surgeries giving the patients the gift of smiling, eating and talking.

The buildings are now fully equipped with the theatre equipment and visiting teams have done over 200 elective corrective surgeries on disabled children.

DMH is a growing Mission Hospital, entirely not for profit. It requires on-going support in order to keep growing and allow local people to receive quality health care at a price they can afford.