Dreamland Education Centre

Dreamland Education Centre is a special place, children in Kimilili who attend the school are given the chance of life, a chance to thrive, receive an education, to be fed, clothed and to play in a safe environment.


Students Boarding

Fully Sponsored Children

Children finish Class 8 with fantastic exam results, DEC is consistently in the top five schools in the county, this means that children have a chance of going on to secondary school and therefore potentially college or university and the chance of getting a well paid and respected job.  This is just a dream for many children in rural Kenya. 


DEC is helping to make these dreams a reality.

The school was built in 2001 with a purpose built dormitory completed at the end of 2021.  The school is 3km outside of Kimilili town on the same site as Dreamland Mission Hospital, with a school bus available for day students.

Children who board are given 3 good meals a day and two snacks, non-boarders have lunch and a snack during the school day.  All food is prepared in the kitchen at school.  A matron looks after the children who board with healthcare available at Dreamland Mission Hospital, children are registered with NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund) which helps to pay for any medical treatment.

A holiday club is available particularly for poorer children who may not get fed at home.  Children spend the day playing educational games, taking part in bible study, learning life skills such as how to wash clothes, how to cook and about food nutrition.  Of course there is lots of time to play!  There is also church for children who board on Sundays.

Not only do local children benefit from the school but the local community do too.  The school provides employment, school uniforms are made by local tailors and food is locally sourced.

A place at Dreamland Education Centre is a dream come true, not only for the children but for their families too. Good attendance, regular food and an excellent education has a ripple effect on the wider family and community, the children have the chance of a future!

There is space for many more children at Dreamland Education Centre and many more local children whose families still can’t afford to send them to school. Primary education is free in Kenya however associated costs such as uniform, shoes, books, transport prohibit attendance.  You can help make school a reality for a deprived child by committing to sponsor them for £28 a month, we would love to welcome them to DEC.

Sponsored children generally board at DEC, places are given as sponsors come forward to children identified by IcFEM Mission staff and local social workers.  We have children waiting to go to school right now!

Sponsor a Child Today

Joy’s family rely on casual work to support them, this means that there often isn’t spare money to pay for school fees or for stationery. Thanks to a generous sponsor Joy is now in school, full time, and is thoroughly enjoying it!