It’s the most wonderful time, of the year!

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year!

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Not sure what to get that one person? Looking for a stocking filler? These gifts really do change lives. Buy a bee hive, a school uniform, or even a toilet! These gifts will make a massive difference to people living in Kenya.


You will receive a certificate with details of the gift and a space to write your own message, you can either print this off or have us send it to you.

Advent Jars

Alongside opening a window on your advent calendar every day, why not pop a coin in your advent jar as well? Then on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you will have a jar full of coins that will make a huge difference to people living in Western Kenya! Once your jar is full you can make your donation online or contact our UK office for guidance:

Mince Pie Fundraisers

Join with us this Christmas to send love and blessings to families in Western Kenya. Hold a Mince Pie Fundraiser for IcFEM Dreamland Mission this December and help raise funds for our Christmas Appeal. All funds raised will help support community projects, provide medical care, food, education and support to patients and pupils at Dreamland Mission Hospital and Dreamland Education Centre in Kimilili, Kenya.