Dreamland Education Centre Primary School (DEC)

Education is an important part of IcFEM’s strategy for accelerating total community transformation. IcFEM established its own primary school as a model institution that would integrate high-quality teaching with the Christian teaching found throughout IcFEM’s work.

Dreamland Education Centre Primary School (DEC) provides good quality education, in a safe, clean environment, for children aged 5-14 with the possibility of boarding.

DEC also has a bursary fund for primary education to help with fees which allows more needy children to attend.
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Global Schools Partnership:

IcFEM, in partnership with Lichfield Diocese has helped link and coordinate 85 schools. There have been exchange visits and projects done by link schools in the Kenyan schools as well as buildings, water harvesting, desks to get children off the floor and more!

School pupils celebrate meeting teachers from UK

Kapkateny Head teacher gladly receives children's work from the link school

Alongside the school, IcFEM runs small community colleges…

IcFEM Institute for Accelerating Community Transformation Studies (IIACTS)

IIACTS provides IcFEM’s village-based fellowship groups with practical training to help them live out the IcFEM vision in their local community, helping them to establish regular activities focusing on discipleship, development and compassionate acts.

The IIACTS course introduces the basics of planning,  project management, accounting and ICT, alongside exploring God’s purpose in creation, mission and ministry. This promotes practical skills that accelerate community transformation through Fellowships. The course is significant in the growth and strategy of IcFEM as a Mission, since training up leaders in our community who are grounded in/committed to scripture will be what fundamentally accelerates community transformation.


The IcFEM college is in development, having just moved into a new building in central Kimilili. The college currently offers certificates and diplomas in early years education that are nationally credited.

The results from the first year of students have been excellent with many going on to get jobs in local nursery schools. The aim is to partner with a larger university to offer further courses that are accessible for those living in Kimilili and the surrounding area.