Mission visitors and volunteers form an integral part of the growing community of IcFEM Mission that contributes significantly to the transformation agenda.

The Mission appreciates the invaluable input of all visitors towards the continuing work in the community. In welcoming them, we offer an opportunity for volunteers from Kenya and abroad to experience a different culture, grow in their encounter and relationship with God and mutually benefit from being part of this rewarding work.

Some of the UK Trustees with Mission staff at HQ.

Visitors from USA, Barbara Thackray and her daughter, Gillian, with members of Mission Management, in the Conference Hall, under the plaque commemorating Barbara’s mother.

We welcome visitors from any country to visit us in Kimilili to see what we are doing and learn about the community transformation process. Whilst you are welcome to visit for only a few days it takes approximately two weeks to see the breadth of what we do, so we encourage you to stay for longer!

We are happy for you to combine a visit with seeing the many other wonderful things in Kenya like the local Kakamega rain forest, the flamingos at Lake Nakuru or the Masai Mara.

Our Chair of Visitors committee will gladly answer any questions you might have, please email lsankey.icfem@gmail.com